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Deutsche Bank And Trump. A Marriage Made In Russian Heaven


Mr. Trump did a tweet version of a Real Housewives table-turning incident during his epic tweetstorm. The Trumpster may not believe in climate change but the heat from his fingers is up a couple of notches. George Conway got bestowed the “Donald J. Trump Total Loser Award” for telling the press he believes the president has serious mental issues.

The Trump Twitter wagon is full of ammunition and his favorite targets are giving him a reason to bring them down to his size. Trump has a world of legal animals coming his way and he couldn’t be happier. Over the course of Mr. Trump’s career, he’s a lawsuit manic. He loves to fight in court, and it appears his biggest court battles are in the works.

Some loyal Trumpians wondered why he would drag John McCain’s memory through his Twitter mudslinging feast. But then the news about Trump having orgies in Russia in 2015 came out in court again recently. Mr. Trump has a long history with Russia. His son Eric talked about all the money the Trump Organization got from Russia in 2014, according to a 2017 Newsweek article. Don Jr. talked about getting Russian money in 2008, according to the Newsweek article. Eric and Don Jr. denied making those comments.

In 2008, Donald Trump owed Deutsche Bank $330 million. Deutsche Bank asked the New York Supreme Court to make Trump pay $40 million. But Trump said he won’t pay because Deutsche Bank caused part of the financial meltdown that hurt him. He was never hurt. He made a deal to build his Scotland golf course the same day he told Deutsche Bank he couldn’t pay.

The real estate division of Deutsche Bank would not give Trump any more money. But the bank division that makes loans to wealthy people gave him the money to pay the real estate division what he owed them. And to top it off that Deutsche Bank division gave him an additional $40 to $50 million line of credit.

The bank that planned to give Mr. Trump the credit to build his Trump Tower Moscow is the same bank that regulators say laundered money for Russians. But, according to the president, Deutsche Bank gave him money because he had the assets to back up the loans. But Trump didn’t have the credit history or the assets he said he had when bank checked his financial statements against the real value of his holdings.