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Former NFL Player Taking The Leap Into Cryptocurrency


A former-NFL player is looking to add cryptocurrency to his portfolio of investments. That player is Sidney Rice, and there is reason to be excited about this move. For one thing, the former player is well-known for his investing skills. Since he left the NFL he has had ventures into a chain of coffee shops that he owns in Seattle, some chicken wing eateries, and even a t-shirt company. Now, he has his eyes set on cryptocurrency.

He participated in a coin auction for the cryptocurrency known as UpToken. It is the latest from the company CoinMe. They even have ATMs for BitCoin, with 39 of them in the United States already at this point.

Sidney Rice really likes to keep his roots in Seattle. He played for the Seattle Seahawks for three of his seven NFL seasons and really fell in love with the area. When he learned that there was a cryptocurrency based out of Seattle, he had to explore more about it. He got in touch with the creator of the currency and had one of the UpToken ATMs placed inside his coffee shop.

These days, Rice is playing a much bigger role in the cryptocurrency than just having one of the ATMs in his shop. He is now an advisor to the company, and actively works to promote the idea of using cryptocurrency to anyone who will stop and listen. He says that despite some of the questions and concerns that people raise from time to time, he feels confident that there is a bright future ahead for cryptocurrencies.

CoinMe is still a rapidly growing business. They make a lot of their money from transaction fees related to their BitCoin ATMs. Rice says that he feels that the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies by the general public is perhaps just a few years away.

There is no shortage of information out there about cryptocurrencies now. It is mostly just a matter of trying to help people understand why it is that these currencies are great for their everyday spending. It is necessary in a lot of ways to break people out of their old currency habits in order to get them to adopt something like this. That is not the easiest task in the world, but it is a big reason why there is so much potential locked up in this industry. Sidney Rice is willing to take a chance on it with his investment money.