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The Four Ways to Earn with Stream Energy Compensation Plan

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Stream Energy was founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji. The masterminds behind the business had a simple but innovative idea – selling energy through word of mouth. With this unique positioning in the energy market, the Dallas based company quickly grew to become what it is today – one of the largest direct selling energy companies in the world. Through expansion into other services including Wireless, Home, and Protective Services, and to nine states across the United States, the company has earned over $8 billion in its lifetime revenue.

Through its Stream Opportunity, Stream Energy has grown its company using Independent Associates. With no physical inventory, quotas or door-to-door selling, Independent Associates are able to make money by simply referring Stream Energy’s services to friends and family. Having expanded its business model nationwide in 2015, the opportunity to earn for Independent Associates has grown.

Anyone can become an Independent Associate and join Stream Opportunity to become part of the Stream Energy business. Once signed up, the company provides all Independent Associates with the training they need to succeed in establishing their own customer base and adding other associates to their team. But how do these Associates earn income and rewards? There are four ways the Stream Energy Independent Associates can do this:

Immediate Income

Stream Energy associates have two ways of earning Immediate Income

  • Personal Customer Bonuses– Stream Energy pays Independent Associates personal customer bonuses when they market and sell the company’s services and sign up new customers. New Independent Associates can earn up to $1200 in their first 120 days of joining through Personal Customer Bonuses.
  • Team Customer Bonuses– when a Qualified Director or above helps their personally sponsored Associates market, enroll, and sell Stream Services.

To get Personal and/or Team Customer Bonuses, Independent Associates require pending or active customer points which can be acquired by selling Stream Energy services. Electricity, Georgia gas, transferring existing number through Wireless Service, Virtual MD, and transferring existing number for Digital Voice are all worth one Customer Point respectively. Northeast Gas, signing up a new number through Wireless Service, and signing up a new number with Digital Voice are all worth .5 Customer Points respectively. The number of Customer Points will determine the bonuses received.

Leadership Bonuses

Independent Associates earnings can increase as new Associates join their team. When these Associates enroll new customers in Stream Services, they will earn Monthly Earned Income

Independent Associates can also increase their earning potential by building a team and then helping them succeed. By building a team, Associates get promoted to various leadership positions and can acquire Team Customer Points which unlock various bonuses. Here are the various leadership roles and the bonuses Associates can receive with them.

  • Director– A Director has signed up an Independent Associate for $199.
  • Qualified Director (QD)– A QD personally sells services to and signs up three pending or active Customer Points. At least one must be outside of the household.
  • Regional Director (RD) – A RD is a QD who has personally sold services to and signed up a total of four pending or active Customer Points (with at least one outside of their household), sponsored two Directors, and acquires a total of six pending or active Team Customer Points. Up to two SMS points may count towards the six.  If an Associate is promoted to RD within the first 120 days of signing up as an associated, they’ll earn a Regional Director Fast Start Bonus of $300, and their coded RD will also receive a Regional Director Fast Start Matching Bonus of $300.
  • Managing Director (MD)– A MD is RD who has personally sold services to and signed up a total of 10 pending or active Stream Energy Customer Points of which four must be outside of their household. Additionally, an MD needs to personally sponsor two Directors within their RD organization, develop two active RDs in the first five levels, and have a total of 40 pending or active coded Team Customer Points. 8 SMS points can count towards the 40. Like the RD promotion, an MD will also receive Managing Director Fast Start Bonus of $500 if they are promoted to MD within their first 120 days.
  • Senior Director (SD)– A SD is an MD who has personally sold services to and signed up a total of 15 pending or active Customer Points as well as personally sponsor two additional Directors in their MD organization. They also need to develop two active MDs and have acquired 140 pending or active Team Customer Points.16 SMS Points may count for the 140.
  • Executive Director (ED) – An ED is an SD who has personally sold services to and signed up a total of 20 pending or active Customer Points in addition to developing five active SDs. 12 customer points must be outside of the household. EDs also need to acquire 1000 pending or active Team Customer Points.100 SMS points may count towards the customer points.
  • National Director (ND) – An ND is an ED who has to personally sold services to and signed up a total of 20 pending or active Stream Customer Points. 12 points must come from outside of the household. ND’s develop five active EDs in their coded organization or personally sponsor at least one ED in their code OR three active EDs in their code. They also must acquire 5,000 pending or active customers that they are paid MEI on within the organization. This does not include second or third generation customers.


If an Independent Associate holds an MD position or above, they can earn numerous incentives. Incentives are awarded the following calendar year and include the following:

  • a 12-month lease on a Mercedes-Benz
  • NDs can earn a new, customized Tesla
  • EDs and above who are within the top 25 earring rankings can earn a monthly travel stipend
  • Incentive Trips
  • Ignition Event Perks
  • MEI Bonus

Monthly Earned Income

You will earn a Monthly Earned Income (MEI) by marketing and selling Stream Services and enrolling customers and maintaining their accounts. You can also earn MEI from the customer accounts enrolled by the Associates in your leadership organization.

  • Standard MEI– Earned on sales of personal active customer accounts. The MEI is based on the organization level that an associate is.
  • Leadership MEI – Earned on sales of your personal active customer accounts with a one or half point customer value, as well as from the active Stream Service accounts of the customers enrolled by the Associates in your RD, MD, SD, ED, and ND leadership
    organizations to unlimited levels.