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UPDATE: Glen Wakeman: Business Leader Assisting Small Start-Up Companies



Glen Wakeman was recently interviewed by Ideamensch where he shared information on how he gets his ideas to take root.

Glen Wakeman is an internationally recognized consultant and writer on a variety of business topics. He co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, which provides entrepreneurs with critical software designed to help them navigate the early stages of their business. This is an important development for his business audiences, who often seek out practical solutions to this persistent problem. The company offers software as a service, or SAAS, which assists businesses in the early stages to navigate the complex world of digital marketing, internal controls, and financial planning.

Business Software from LaunchPad Holdings, LLC

LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, offers online business planning through specialty software products. Glen Wakeman brings a range of insights into his process, and this, in turn, informs the company’s direction. For example, Glen Wakeman uses a very specific method for outlining new ideas and generating feedback based on the reaction to the new concept. This process demands a high level of dedication and focus, and it also requires self-reflection and a sense of humor.

Glen Wakeman brings a variety of practical experiences into this new company as well as personal insights. He served as a leader in many prominent organizations around the world, and he worked to transform institutions at their core. His work with large organizations had an impact on his ability to transfer insights about how successful companies operate when dealing with small business entities.

Glen Wakeman, Business Leader

Glen Wakeman is dedicated to developing businesses and improving company performance (SlideShare). His methods for achieving these objectives are clearly outlined and are subjected to routine examination and improvement. This includes working as a coach for CEOs and taking up duties on the Board of Directors to maintain the improvements after they take place within the organization. His methods align with his vision of how to get a company from its current condition into a state of compliance, performance, and effectiveness. His expertise derives from his experience in leadership roles within companies that have a complex organizational structure. These positions provided him with the insight necessary to craft a formulaic approach towards restructuring an organization for optimal performance.

He developed a particular method that measures five areas of company performance. The five areas of focus are outlined as follows:

  1. Leadership development: Preparing an organization for structural change is a critical part of leadership development. Glen Wakeman developed methods for creating a leadership team capable of guiding the organization through this period of restructuring. Employees often resist internal change even when the outcomes are beneficial, and leading this transition helps to smooth out those changes.
  1. Human capital: Glen Wakeman developed a unique and effective approach for aligning the initial vision of change with the necessary strategy and tactics to realize these changes. He clearly articulates the ideas in a way that is easy to grasp and implement, and this empowers those who are involved to carry it out in a timely manner.
  1. Execution: Many companies have great plans that suddenly fail during the implementation stage. Having a set of good policies is just the beginning, so Glen Wakeman innovated in the area of execution to ensure that these ideas become reality for the company.
  1. Risk management protocols: The process of restructuring can be experienced by some employees within the company as a type of threat, and this is true even if the changes are beneficial. Minimizing disruption of the procedures is part of Glen Wakeman’s risk management formula.
  1. Governance: Once the policies are in place, there is also an internal transition period that will likely occur, and this involves dissenting views about the procedures that have just been put into practice. Glen Wakeman innovated in the area of corporate governance in order to manage dissent and identify areas that can be improved.

Glen Wakeman Assisting Start-Up Companies

Glen Wakeman is particularly interested in solving the most pressing problems of small business entities. This is a real challenge, so his solution is based on real-time feedback from start-up entrepreneurs. The idea for LaunchPad Holdings, LLC began when Glen Wakeman observed the high failure ratio of new businesses. He noticed that this was happening even when the business plan was good. This trend did not change even for start-up businesses where the people who were organizing the enterprise were talented and resourceful. He researched this failure rate and attempted to locate the common denominator. After looking at the available information, he concluded that there was a common thread. Business ideas and talented people often lacked a viable plan that could deliver the product or the service to the customer in a timely and efficient manner. He decided to focus on solving this problem, which is at the very core of entrepreneurial anxiety.

About Glen Wakeman

As a global traveler, Glen Wakeman has experience working in the global market as well as within the United States. He served as corporate CEO in Latin America and was General Director in the United Kingdom when working with Global Insurance Ventures. He worked with more than 30 countries where he was involved in the operations of various ventures, especially with his old company. As a result of his impressive performance, he was rewarded with GE’s Board of Directors’ Growth Leadership accolade. He is also a blogger and has been releasing his Twenty-One Days of Free Business and CEO Startup Tips. Glen offers brief, three-step, tips on how to grow a stronger and better business. Glen Wakeman is certified in Six Sigma at the black belt level, and he got his MBA from the University of Chicago.

Glen Wakeman has many years of experience in the business sector, and his reach is international. He served as a board member, an investor, a small business owner, CEO of a publicly traded company and a Financial Services Executive. Glen Wakeman has more than two decades of management experience, and he draws on many different methods to help small business achieve their full potential.

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  1. I wonder what Mr. Glen Wakeman can’t do. He seems to be on top of his game and knows the business inside out. I guess it also helps that he’s a global traveler. His mind is not just limited within that building walls learning theories, numbers and all, but he also get to study and know how people think and their approach to business. If he’s nailed that one, then it’d be easier for him and his team to struck business deals with people with multi-background.