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Glen Wakeman, A Global Mogul


***UPDATE: Glen Wakeman recently did an interview with Ideamensch where he reveals where the idea for LaunchPad Holdings came from. “I couldn’t understand why the failure rates of new businesses were so high.”


Glen Wakeman has triumphed the business world through his broad perspective and innovative approach to business strategies. For twenty years, Glen Wakeman successfully held leadership at his old job, a global corporation. Not only was Glen Wakeman a leader of one of the most prolific companies, he has held various other leadership experiences in business culminating in his current position as one of the founders and the Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC.

Glen Wakeman received his Bachelor’s of Science in 1981 from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, where he studied Economics and Finance. After graduating with his BS, Glen Wakeman went to the University of Chicago for graduate school in 1991, where two years later, he graduated with his Masters in Business Administration (MBA). The experiences Glen Wakeman had during his education gave him a love for business and the financial world. This love has translated into forming one of the most successful business entrepreneurs.

After getting his MBA, Glen Wakeman went to work for his past company for twenty years. Here, he spent fifteen of those years living and working in Europe, Asia, and South America, where he gained experience in increasing responsibility in areas of operations, technology, business development, general management, country management, and regional management.

Business Mogul with LaunchPad Holdings LLC

Glen Wakeman has invested in small business and has built multiple of his own companies from the ground up. With his global perspective toward business, Glen Wakeman has successfully risen to the pinnacle of the competitive business world. In fact, Glen Wakeman’s approach to business has propelled him to become a mentor to young, aspiring moguls and businesspeople hoping to emulate Glen Wakeman’s success. Glen Wakeman’s skills with investing in business and inspiring future business success is an integral part of his work as CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. LaunchPad Holdings LLC individualizes its approach to businesses in need of support. The toolkit, created by Glen Wakeman provides resources to companions who need help with financial planning in order to ensure their future success. Glen Wakeman is a perfect individual to trust when it comes to ensuring one’s company’s success, as his two decades of experience in the business world has prepared him for the tumultuous world of trial and error that is necessary to navigate in order to be successful. Starting a new business can be daunting, especially financially. Glen Wakeman and the staff at LaunchPad Holdings LLC financially prepare young businesses for their future needs.

Glen Wakeman’s over thirty years of experience have brought him the experience to understand how to plan for the future of a company through both breadth and depth. Naturally, a company cannot flourish without detailed financial planning, and that is where Glen Wakeman is able to offer support. Glen Wakeman provides the businesses that come to LaunchPad Holdings LLC the tools that help new companies track their progress through a variety of metrics.

Maintaining detailed records is a necessary part of successfully growing one’s company, although it can be difficult to pay attention to the minute details when growing one’s company. The work Glen Wakeman does at LaunchPad Holdings LLC helps companies keep from getting distracted from the urge to use pathos, rather than logos when planning for their business’ future prospects.

Another key tenet of Glen Wakeman’s philosophy at LaunchPad Holdings LLC is the idea that companies should look for other resources and inspiration through people who have experience in business. That philosophy is a pertinent part of the foundation and goal of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. No matter how small the company, it is important to create an organization structure that protects the future of the corporation. Glen Wakeman can help business owners figure out their own leadership style in order to translate that into a successful business plan.

The Five Elements

Glen Wakeman and others at LaunchPad Holdings LLC strive to promote five elements of leadership within a business.

  • Leadership: how can a leader of a business prepare the company for the trials it will face? Glen Wakeman teaches leaders of companies to find their leadership style and translates that into how to best prepare their business for changes.
  • Human Capital: how members of a team can be utilized for success
  • Execution: the outcome of the situation that is hopefully successful due to the leadership of the company
  • Risk Management: making sure the changes for negative outcomes are minimal
  • Governance: creating an environment where people work well together and feel free to express their ideas

Entrepreneurial Spirit

If there is one thing Glen Wakeman knows, it’s the value of curiosity and exploration of ideas. He has invested in many business ideas, and not all of them have been as successful as LaunchPad Holdings LLC (Facebook). Over his decades of experience, Glen Wakeman has learned that the key to a successful entrepreneurial adventure is a plan and the capital to back it up. Money is necessary, but knowing how to manage money is just as important. He also knows how necessary it is to maintain connections with people in the business world, because as the old adage goes: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. But Glen Wakeman knows people and knows his stuff when it comes to building a business. He’s seen thrive, and seen his own ventures change course, but he’s never given up on his curious spirit or his desire to implement business strategies for upcoming companies.

Global Experience

Glen Wakeman not only has held numerous positions in the business world, but his business experience extends across the globe. Glen Wakeman has worked in thirty-two different countries and has lived in six countries as well.

As a CEO in Latin America, Glen Wakeman utilized skills necessary to expand his business techniques across the globe. His time in Europe and America has given him the ability to show that with the right plan of action, no matter where you are, if you work hard enough and have strong leadership, a business can be a success.

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  1. I would have to agree with Glen Wakeman’s learning, that the key to a successful entrepreneurial adventure is a plan and the capital to back it up. And that knowing how to manage money is most important.

  2. Oh,Glen Wakeman, lived in six countries and worked in thirty-two different countries? You are indeed a Global Mogul!

  3. I have heard a lot of effective leaders around the globe and maybe Glen Wakeman as per seeing this article was one of those I think. Being one of the founders and the Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, that is such a proof!