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Intro to NetPicks Investor Training and Foreign Exchange Trading


When traders discuss the foreign exchange market, they often shorten its name to “forex.” It surpasses all other financial markets in size and continues to achieve rapid growth. Investors use it to trade various government-issued currencies.


The forex market lets people and organizations exchange one type of cash for another. It also provides opportunities for speculators to profit by purchasing money and reselling it after the currency’s value rises.

This market has existed for more than three decades. The system was created after several major countries adopted market-based exchange rates. It doesn’t have a specific location, such as a building where traders gather.

How it Works

Investors pair two currencies before initiating trades. For instance, the USD/JPY pairing involves the U.S. dollar and Japanese yen. Its price is equal to the amount of yen that a person can swap for one dollar.


The values of currencies change as traders buy and sell them at different prices on the forex market. People make investment decisions based on the value of each currency in comparison to its foreign counterparts.

A speculative seller believes that a forex pair’s current cost exceeds its actual worth. On the other hand, a speculative buyer maintains the opposite belief. Non-speculative trades are performed in an effort to exchange currencies for other purposes, such as paying overseas workers.


The foreign exchange market appeals to investors for a variety of reasons. Individuals can begin trading after making relatively small deposits. Investors continue to trade currencies at all hours, so it’s easy for people to get involved without quitting their jobs.

This financial market also supplies plenty of opportunities to generate quick profits. Currency pair values frequently surge and plummet throughout the week. On the other hand, investors may need to wait a long time before stock or option prices change significantly.


The most popular currency pairs involve the U.S. dollar. They include GBP/USD, EUR/USD and USD/JPY. The values of these pairs tend to shift less rapidly than others, but certain announcements and reports can cause sudden swings. The Swiss franc also ranks among investors’ favorite currencies.


Investors must carefully plan their trades before taking action. It’s important to identify specific currency values that will trigger a purchase or sale. Some individuals choose to analyze currencies in a technical way; they often refer to graphs.

Other investors prefer to look at relevant news headlines. Both economic and political developments have the potential to make a country’s currency rise or fall in value. Major price swings can happen quite suddenly if traders don’t expect the news.

Exercising Caution

Investors must risk money to earn it, but they need to manage these risks carefully. Most traders avoid risking over 2 percent of the cash in their accounts on individual transactions. This ensures that they can recover from multiple losses.

The internet has made it fairly easy to begin trading currencies. However, amateurs must take extra precautions to limit their risks. Many new traders start by investing too much money without conducting adequate research. They can quickly lose considerable amounts of cash.

It’s best to begin by practicing with small transactions. A new forex investor ought to cap each trade at 1 percent of the cash in his or her account. Inexperienced traders shouldn’t use several indicators at the same time.

Although it’s not difficult to comprehend the basics of foreign exchange trading, numerous complexities exist. Many newcomers find that it takes time to become proficient investors who can initiate lucrative trades on a regular basis.

About NetPicks

NetPicks helps people develop advanced trading skills and generate consistent profits. Its founder became an options trader more than 25 years ago. Mark Soberman noticed that it was difficult for investors to obtain effective training.

He decided to establish NetPicks in 1996. Soberman began using fax machines and the internet to provide traders with valuable advice. His company sought to supply training that would specifically address the real-world needs of investors.

Today, NetPicks continues to educate traders about an assortment of financial markets. They learn to invest in exchange-traded funds, currencies, options and stocks. The company strives to help investors attain prosperity through swing or day trading.

NetPicks employs a number of professional coaches at its Irving, Texas headquarters. These trainers continue to make investments on a daily basis, so they’re knowledgeable about today’s financial markets. Every coach was a client in the past.

NetPicks training material doesn’t concentrate on theories. It specifically prepares investors for part-time, full-time or occasional trading. The company customizes each client’s education to suit individual needs. Students can complete the process quickly; there’s no need to attend classes for months or years.

Budding traders don’t have to read lengthy textbooks and travel to a classroom. NetPicks uses videos to swiftly deliver information in an engaging way that’s easy to understand. After watching these recordings, investors can begin to practice making trades.

NetPicks employees provide one-on-one technical support and trading education. They help clients understand complex investing concepts and supply feedback on new trading techniques or strategies. Staff members also set up the necessary software on customers’ computers if they need assistance.

Internet users can watch a complimentary webinar before deciding to become NetPicks clients. The firm’s website also helps people select the most suitable trainings. Each educational program focuses on a certain type of investing, such as futures or forex.

For example, one training seminar teaches investors about stock options. Learners discover the most effective ways to generate significant profits through options contracts. An advantage of this investment strategy is that traders face low initial costs.

Readers needn’t become NetPicks customers to read the company’s blog. This resource informs people about sophisticated trading techniques, investment psychology and beneficial planning methods. A recent entry focused on the importance of trading in a consistent manner.

The blog also explains relatively simple concepts and strategies to beginners. For instance, one post reveals the least desirable time of day to trade assets. It tells investors why they should avoid financial markets during lunchtime.

Basically, NetPicks provides personalized training for a wide range of traders who want to start investing or boost their earnings. Its blog entries, tutorials, videos and experienced coaches can help new forex investors learn to conduct profitable transactions.


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