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Paul Mampilly Offers Expert Investment

Paul Mampilly's investment advice
Paul Mampilly's investment advice

Paul Mampilly is a successful investor. He managed multi-million dollar accounts when he was a hedge fund manager and has won investing awards. Those who are searching for financial opportunities should consider his recent investment recommendations.

According to Mampilly, an amazing opportunity is on the way for food companies, and because it is, investors should take note. The millennial generation is the first one reaching adulthood without the skills to cook. This is happening because their age group was the first one to have two working parents. With food companies considering ways to cater to the meal preferences of non-cooking millennials, there may be some big stock market opportunities for investors. Those who are searching for new investments should also take a look at what’s happening in the medical industry and with car companies. Technology and advancements are bringing financial opportunities to these industries as well.

What Do Millennials Eat for Dinner?

Based on research, the millennial generation spends more dining out than the other generations. In fact, they spend slightly more than $50 a week to do so. Since the first group of millennials are starting to have kids, these young adults are searching for ways to cook and feed their families.

Food delivery services such as Plated and Blue Apron deliver meal packages that include the instructions and ingredients needed for a person to cook a homemade meal. Other types of food service providers deliver healthy meals that are already cooked. There are even food delivery companies that supply meals within the confines of certain diets like vegan, vegetarian and paleo.

The millennial generation is highly educated. This means that they are aware of the trends. They also research their food. During their lifetimes, they’ve seen obesity skyrocket and an increase in diabetes and food allergies.

Food delivery service providers are growing because millennials are not only interested in convenient dining, they also want healthy and nutritious meals. Because of this, now is the perfect time for investors to purchase stock in these types of companies.

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The Benefits of Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is the process of using genetic information and an individual’s personal medical history to diagnose and treat medical conditions. It permits doctors to diagnose medical problems with greater accuracy. The technique also allows for personalized treatments. With precision medicine, doctors are able to match a person’s symptoms against a large database, making it easier to target illnesses.

Medical experts who embrace precision medicine are moving past healthcare that’s of the one-size-fits-all variety. As millennials age, they’ll have access to this advanced medical care. This means that it’s a good time for everyday investors to consider buying stock in the medical industry.

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Another Car Industry Revolution

Like all industries that have been in business for decades, the car industry is no stranger to change. From embracing better safety measures to making cars more fuel efficient, car manufacturers have welcomed advancements. However, companies like Ford and Chrysler as well as European and Japanese carmakers are on their way to extinction if they don’t start competing with Tesla and the technology that the company brings to the table. This means that investors may avoid buying their stock. Instead, they’ll be buying Tesla’s.

Financial experts, like Paul Mampillly, are comparing the Tesla movement to the one that happened with the iPhone, meaning that it’s hard for people to remember what the cellphone industry was like before smartphones hit the market. Before the iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia were popular despite their basic technology. A person could use these phones to make calls. Those who upgraded to the BlackBerry could message one another.

Apple introduced the iPhone on June 29, 2007. When it did, people gradually stopped buying phones from BlackBerry and Nokia. Both companies saw their market shares crash. Today, no one purchases phones by these manufacturers. There are predictions from financial experts that car companies are going to face the same fate due to Tesla and the products that the company is making. Tesla is manufacturing products that could transform the industry beyond recognition.

The moment that could make over the industry is the launch of the Tesla Model 3. With the introduction of this car, Tesla will be changing the cost of owning a vehicle. It will feature an affordable price point, but keep in mind that car ownership cost is different than the initial cost of buying. Car ownership comes with expenses like oil changes, tune-ups, fluid replacement and gasoline.

In addition, a traditional car has thousands of moving parts while electric vehicles like the ones made by Tesla have far fewer. With fewer parts, these vehicles are cheaper to build, making them more profitable. According to predictions, Tesla’s stock prices will soar while the stocks of old school car makers are likely to plummet.

Paul Mampilly Knows How to Achieve Success

Paul Mampilly knows how to achieve the kind of success that allows one to retire in their 40s. He was a hedge fund manager who is the recipient of several awards. Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation investment competition for one of his private accounts after it reported returns of 76 percent. Paul has appeared on several television broadcasts on networks like Bloomberg TV and CNBC. He also founded Profits Unlimited.

Paul Mampilly moved from India when he was just a young man and has an estimated 25 years of experience in business. In 1991, he began his financial and business career at Deutsche Bank. Not one to insist on working with million-dollar accounts, Paul has accepted the accounts of companies that are just getting started. In 2012, he invested in a medical company that was developing a drug to help those with muscular dystrophy. He invested in Netflix in 2008, and when he turned 42 years old, he retired.

Accepting Investment Advice from Those in the Know

Paul Mampilly is advising investors to consider financial moves in the food service, medical precision and electric car industries. He believes that these industries will make money for investors and that they will shape our country’s future.

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