Paul Mampilly's Stock Picks
Paul Mampilly's Stock Picks for 2018

Paul Mampilly offered an insightful overview of stock tips for 2018 in two recent articles posted at The first, ”Mega Trends Will Deliver Huge Gains in 2018,”

studies wide investment trends, and the second, ”The No. 1 Stock to Own for 2018,” pinpoints some specific suggestions for investors to consider in 2018.

Mega Trends Provide Investment Opportunities

Some of the key market trends in 2018 include fintech, or financial technology, and companies generating new energy sources. Investing in these industries should generate better-than-average returns. Financial technology industries include mobile payment companies and the artificial intelligence systems used to analyze investments and markets. Paul Mampilly recommends continuing to invest in stocks in 2018 despite the big gains of 2017. “But now that buying stocks is no longer scary, you might be wondering if it’s time for you to cash in your hard-won gains and sell everything.” That would probably be a mistake because there are still plenty of opportunities, and Mampilly recommends that you diversify somewhat as a hedge against certain stocks bottoming out in 2018 after unparalleled gains in 2017. Certain ETFs make a good hedge against stock declines.

The Dow gained 28 percent in 2017, so the gains should be somewhat smaller in 2018, and these are likely to range from 8 percent to 10 percent. Average gains could go as high as 15 percent. Using one of Mampilly’s tools can help you choose winners from likely stagnant or losing stocks. The GoingUpness system works well for picking specific stocks in industries where mega trends suggest investing in 2018.

Going Upness

GoingUpness is the system that Mampilly uses to choose stocks for his three paid subscription services: Profits Unlimited, True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. In 2018, stocks are likely to level off, so some investors will run scared and become “motivated sellers.” People will cash in, so you can find some stock bargains. The stocks that Mampilly has recommended in his newsletters and online posts promise higher-than-average returns. The GoingUpness system has picked winners for two years in a row, and some investors have earned as much as 200 percent when investing in those IoT stocks recommended by Profits Unlimited, the newsletter best suited to new and less experienced investors.

Profits Unlimited

If you focus on mega trends, such as energy, medical and financial stocks, you’ll likely continue to earn record-breaking profits. These stocks offer the potential for long-term growth and immediate profits if you research each company and determine its limitations such as whether therapeutic treatments have been approved by the FDA or whether new energy stocks offer sustainable and renewable energy to captivate environmentally concerned consumers. In the financial-tools sector, find out whether a given company uses blockchain tech, mobile payments, bitcoins, peer-to-peer lending platforms and proprietary artificial intelligence systems.

The stocks recommended by the Profits Unlimited Newsletter are likely to continue earning strong returns in 2018. Almost all of these stocks are trading higher today than they were a year ago, and these stocks come from industries such as financial technology, the Internet of Things, wearable medical devices and new energy sources.

Exchange-Traded Funds

ETFs, or exchange-traded funds, offer a portfolio-rebalancing investment that can also earn high dividends in the current economy. Those who followed Mampilly’s advice to invest in the Industrial Select Sector SPDR ETF would have earned a 13 percent return on their investment as compared to an 8 percent gain for the S&P 500 during the same period. Trump touted a plan to rebuild America’s infrastructure during his campaign. Since a healthy infrastructure is essential to development and real estate expansion, people can expect Trump to keep his promises in this critical area.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is predicted to grow from $655.8 billion in 2017 to $1.7 trillion by 2020, which is a 16.9 percent annual growth rate. The IoT includes all the connected devices in your home, business, vehicle and on your person–such as home lighting controls, smart refrigerators that compose grocery lists, wearable devices to monitor your health and automated appliances like coffee makers.

The market leaders in the IoT include Google, Skillworks Solutions and Sierra Wireless, but there are many emerging companies that offer the opportunity for astronomical growth if you invest quickly enough to take advantage of the initial offering’s capacity for exponential growth.

Paul Mampilly, an American investor, formerly managed a popular hedge fund before founding the popular newsletter, “Profits Unlimited.” Mampilly has been featured on Fox Business News, CNBC and Bloomberg TV as an expert Wall Street insider. With more than 60,000 subscribers, Paul Mampilly uses his experience and skills to pay it forward. “The one thing that I do repeatedly is concentrate on how I could be wrong…I believe it’s very important to invert your viewpoint and to always look at the other perspective, because that way you don’t ever get tunnel vision on something that you think is great, but might actually have a few flaws.”  (read more on

Mampilly doesn’t just care about profits but also supports art and culture, children’s causes and educational initiatives. He has actually taught students about financial issues and investment markets by creating a game where students could trade candy to simulate how the markets work.

Paul Mampilly’s accomplishments include publishing his newsletter at Banyan Hill Publishing and demonstrating how investors can fare by following his following his recommendations with real-world cash investments. One such demonstration in January of 2016 generated a 180 percent return. In his personal IRA and 401(k), he recently averaged a 45 percent annual return over five years while the S&P 500 earned only 18 percent.

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