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UPDATE: Perry Mandera’s Custom Cares Charities Help Several Throughout Chicago

Perry Mandera Strives to Help Chicago Residents

**UPDATE** US Marine, Perry Mandera, recently had an interview with Inspirery. Mandera shared the very interesting information that he doesn’t sleep very much. “I sleep three and a half to four hours a day!”



Perry Mandera is the founder of Custom Cares Charities who made a notable entrance into the transportation industry. In 1975, Perry graduated from a Chicago high school, and he immediately joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. He learned a very important skill while he was with the marines that would serve him well in his present days. He learned how to drive a truck. The United States Marine Corps gave him an honorable discharge, and he went back to his former life in Chicago.


Mr. Mandera’s jobs after he left the United States Marine Corps were with many different transportation companies starting when he was 23 years old. He eventually moved on to own his own transportation company in 1980, and he sold this company in 1985.


Mr. Mandera also has an interest in politics. The interest was so strong that he became the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in the city of Chicago, and he served in this position from 1984 until 1988. He has the distinction of being the youngest individual to be elected to this position in this city.


Perry Mandera began The Custom Cares Company, Inc. in 1986 (https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/the-custom-companies-inc). Enterprises of all sizes including family-owned businesses and Fortune 100 corporations receive services from the company. Several hundred people currently work for this company that has annual revenue that is equal to more than $200 million.


The headquarters of The Custom Cares Company is located in Northlake, Illinois, and it also maintains agents and offices in cities throughout the United States. The company is known as a “Full-Service Transportation Provider” that offers its clients products and logistics services. Examples of these services are Dedicated Contract Cartage, Local Cartage, Domestic and International Air Freight Forwarding services and Truckload and LTL services.


His Well-Deserved Recognition


The Illinois Trucking Association named Perry Mandera’s company as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Services of the Millennium” in 2000. Perry Mandera is on the Board of Directors of this organization now.


Perry Mandera is a community leader who has been known to donate his time and money to several charitable causes and charitable organizations in the name of his company over the years. He applied most of his charitable dollars to causes that serve the needs of the youth of Chicago, Cancer Cures and Prevention and veterans’ causes. Mr. Mandera is on the Board of Directors of The Jesse White Tumblers and The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation, but he and his company also contribute funds to these organizations as well as many others. Because of his work with these charities, Mr. Mandera has been able to ensure that impoverished children had winter coats by donating 6,500 coats to the city of Chicago and surrounding areas. He provided poor residents with the transportation that they needed as well.


When a tornado devastated Washington, Illinois, The Custom Cares Company, Inc. donated supplies and transportation to those who were affected by the storm. The victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi also received supplies and food from The Custom Cares Company, Inc. trucks when they needed them in 2005. Mr. Mandera made a habit of assisting those who lived through natural disasters. For example, he put his trucks and supplies to use for the benefit of the victims of the California Wildfires.


Mandera Gives To Charity


Mr. Mandera’s charitable giving seems not to have any boundaries. He started his own charitable organization that he called “Custom Cares Charities,” and he has already gotten started on giving to the people of Chicago with this project. Custom Cares Charities donated tens of thousands of dollars to families in need over the holiday season (PerryMandera.Strikingly).


It is important to Mr. Mandera for Custom Cares Charities to support other entities that agree with his organization’s philosophy of giving. He also seeks out individual people who are in need of a hand up.


Since sports is so important to Mr. Mandera, he contributes to sports charities as well by offering support to more than 100 youth sports teams in Chicago and other areas in the state of Illinois. He has also coached the youth in basketball, baseball, and football.


Another sport that Mr. Mandera is extremely interested in is boxing, and he has given support to boxers and also managed them. One of his boxers was Donnell “Doc” Nickelson who had the opportunity to travel to Spain to compete in the 2004 Olympics.


The fact that underprivileged youth also need financial education is something that Mr. Mandera is aware of, and he wanted to do something about it. Therefore, he provides this demographic with the financial education that it needs. He is also an advocate for the veterans of America, so his charity supports Marines for Life and Hiring Our Heroes because of it.


Perry Mandera is dedicated to environmental causes as well. His company abides by The Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program and promotes maximum efficiency. The SmartWay program was designed to reduce the harmful emissions that freight transport releases into the atmosphere, and it benefits the environment as well as the entities that adhere to it. For example, those involved in the program receive government assistance tracking and documenting their emissions and fuel usage.


IOS Gives Perry the Green Light


The International Organization for Standardization only certified 270 trucking firms, and Perry Mandera’s The Custom Cares Company, Inc. is one of them. This company ships its clients’ merchandise every day of the week and every week of the year. His clients also receive customized billing, warehousing, and satellite tracking.


The Custom Cares Company, Inc. can also offer its clients something that its competitors cannot. Perry Mandera also has a division of The Custom Cares Company, Inc. called “Custom Global Logistics, LLC” that takes heavy equipment around the world by ground transportation as well as air. Because Perry Mandera’s company can provide its clients with such a large number of services, it received the Pat Summerall Award. This lets the world know that The Custom Cares Company, Inc. is an enterprise that is designated as one of the Champions of the Industry.


Mr. Mandera has been married since 1989, and he raised two children with his wife. He continues to have an interest in Chicago’s schools and is an active member of his community and his church.

More about Perry Mandera at https://perrymandera1.wordpress.com/