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How to Succeed as a Stream Energy Associate: Market Trends

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Stream Energy was founded by two entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity in the energy market: selling energy by word of mouth. Using this method, the Texas-based company quickly grew to become one of the largest domestic direct selling energy companies, with operations all across the southeastern United States. The company’s success in selling energy enabled it to branch out into other services – including Wireless, Home, and Protective Services.

The backbone of Stream Energy is made up of Independent Associates. With no physical inventory, quotas, or door-to-door selling required, Independent Associates are able to generate income simply by selling and referring Stream Energy’s services to friends and family. The more business-minded Associates are able to channel this opportunity into a full-time position. As Stream Energy’s network expands, both in terms of national coverage and depth of offerings, the opportunity to earn as an Independent Associate continues to grow.

The best part is that the door is open for people to join Stream Energy as Independent Associates. A person simply needs to sign up to join Stream Opportunity and complete the training the company provides to make sure that each person is best prepared for success. While the basics are covered in training, here are a few more advanced tips to keep in mind for how to successfully navigate the rapidly changing energy market.

Forecasted Growth of Energy Prices in Northeast and Georgia

Market trends in the Northeast and Georgia signal that the price of electricity is at an all-time low for the last three years. Since there have been no dramatic changes in the energy infrastructure and industry of most of these states, experts believe that this low price can only be maintained for the short term. In the future, prices will likely rise again.

As of September 2015, electricity in the Northeast cost an average of 9.48 cents per kWh through Stream Energy. As of September 2018, the price of electricity was 7.45 cents – a decrease of over 20%. However, this price is not forecasted to last, as the Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts that the annual growth in electricity prices across the U.S. will grow at a rate of 3.2%, which is the highest growth rate in the past five years. Since the Northeast’s energy prices have historically been higher than the national average, this means that the region’s growth rate will likely be higher. This also means that taking advantage of today’s low energy prices is one the best things a consumer can do for their energy expense.

From an Associate perspective, this means the 12-month and 24-month fixed-rate plans are some of the best deals available for customers today. At a high level, a fixed-rate plan allows the customer to choose today’s electricity rate (7.45 cents, which is one of the lowest prices in the past five years) and pay that rate over the lifespan of the plan. This means that, if energy prices rise or even double in price, the customer has locked in today’s price, so they save money. Based off of the EIA nation-wide predictions, it is likely that the Northeast will exceed that growth rate, as electricity has historically been more expensive in that area.

It is very important to make the customer aware of future trends and how choosing a fixed-rate plan can help them. However, the fixed-rate plan is fixed only in regards to energy prices. Make sure to point out that there is a small chance that the price of electricity in the fixed-rate plan will change due to administrative or legislative changes at the state or federal level. If this change in price were to happen, it would occur across all electricity providers in the region, not just Stream Energy.

Forecasted Volatility of Texas Energy Prices

Texas’ energy market has been seeing some fairly dramatic shifts as the push towards clean energy becomes more and more important. As Texas has always been very rich in oil and coal, the transition into clean energy will likely result in higher energy prices in the near future. In fact, dozens of coal plants closed at the end of last year, and even more are slated to close in the future. This is because maintaining and running existing coal plants is more expensive than building wind turbines and solar panels. From 2007 to 2016, over 531 coal plants representing 55.6 GW of capacity were retired across the United States.

Texas’ embrace of renewable energy means a spike in short-term expenses associated with building new infrastructure and wind turbine fields. As a result, Texas is seeing the impact of supply and demand in pricing. It’s important for Associates to realize that energy prices in Texas are forecasted to be volatile; the general consensus is that the prices will increase, but volatility is to be expected. Most customers prefer to have consistency in their energy bill, so the 12-month and 24-month fixed plans are fantastic choices. The ability to lock in prices gives customers long-term peace of mind through price certainty.

Fixed Plans Mean Peace of Mind (and Potentially a Good Deal)

Price certainty can be a huge source of comfort for clients. Knowing exactly how much their electricity costs each month allows them to budget accurately and avoid any surprises. However, the electricity market in Texas and much of the Northeast is at a very attractive price point, considering future forecasts. The Northeast has some of the lowest electricity prices in years, and Texas is about to see some short-term spikes in electricity prices. Being able to lock in today’s prices for an uncertain future is something that will help people save money and increase their peace of mind.


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