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Who is Justin Muzinich?


Justin Muzinich has become an influential person in the current tax code rewrite. He is currently a top aide to Steven Mnuchin who is the Treasury Secretary. While writing the tax rewrite recommendation this fall, he said that he received an email from high school math teacher. The teacher reminded him to put the lessons he had taught him that he should not deliver a giveaway for the rich. While Justin Muzinich responded to the email immediately, the former math teacher who now works as a squash coach said that Justin Muzinich told him that he was pleased to hear from him. The teacher says that Justin Muzinich did not respond to the issue of tax. The Republicans have made it clear that they want a new tax code before the end of the year. Their relentless efforts to deliver the first legislative win since Trump rose to power have seen them work against the forces of the fractious Congress. Other than this, they will have to silence the voices of some of their own if they are to succeed. At the same time, they will also have to do something about the corporate lobbyists who are frenzied about their efforts in Congress.

This is the first time for Justin Muzinich in Congress. He is 39-years-old and has become a crucial part of the Trump administration. At the same time, Justin Muzinich is a former hedge fund manager and investment banker. It has become apparent that his task is about to get harder this week with the introduction of the tax rewrite plan before the House. This comes amid protests from House Democrats who say that they will oppose the bill because of several reasons. When he was hired by Mr. Mnuchin, he was hired as a counselor. However, it has become apparent that he will be promoted soon. He is expected to be promoted to another treasury position that is likely to broaden his portfolio. This information about his promotion was brought to light by people close to the process. They sought for anonymity as they didn’t want to compromise the prospects of their career. Justin Muzinich is from New York and has been said to fit the mold that is preferred by Donald Trump. For instance, some people in Washington see him as a man who resembles the current director of National Economic Council Gary D. Cohen. Justin Muzinich is respected for his insight in world finance.