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Why It Works: Lucrative Ownership of a Market America UnFranchise Business

You know you’re part of something big when the plan is so airtight that you’re given a set of specific steps that guide you to success.


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Simply put, the Market America Unfranchise system works because people follow the plan. As with other types of business, it’s vital to stick to organizational values. And with Market America, neglecting to follow the plan counteracts the very reason why people join to begin with! Imagine seeking out the advice of a millionaire businessman and then doing everything to contradict it. For over 25 years, Market America has proven that those who use the system and don’t abuse it, reap the rewards, including sustained residual income, a strong network of hardworking entrepreneurs, and countless hours of useful business advice.

The Market America UnFranchise system sets you up to achieve success.

Its rules and agreements ensure the protection of UnFranchise owners as well as consumers. Unlike traditional franchise systems, the Market America UnFranchise system holds business owners to a unique standard of accountability that allows the program to benefit all instead of just a select few. Since the owners, businesses, and products are organizationally interwoven, violations of the system not only harm those who don’t follow the rules, but also their fellow UnFranchise owners. There are proven reasons why the system works the way it does. It’s been built and refined for the sake of income longevity and fair earning potential in exchange for hard work.

The Market America UnFranchise system has been refined and altered until perfected. As JR Ridinger puts it in a 2017 article titled “The UnFranchise System: Three Reasons Why Requirements Work”, the UnFranchise system “provides the systemization to build a solid, lasting business as well as to expand to any residual income level that one desires.” The key to that last part is that Market America gives its UnFranchise owners systemization. You’re not just sent a packet of information and told to go off on your own. Opening your very own Market America UnFranchise business isn’t just signing paperwork to a dream income.

It’s a real, guided system that gives you the foundational elements to grow. You’re in control of the amount of success you achieve.

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And this is a critical part of the system – it pays to play by the rules. You know you’re part of something big when the plan is so airtight that you’re given a set of specific steps that guide you to success. Market America CEO JR Ridinger explains, “Deviations, variations, and violations of the UnFranchise System dilute its power, and the individual that does so loses the leverage of its power.” Your Market America UnFranchise business works when you stay true to the course outlined when you become an owner. Ridinger stresses that “We worked hard to make those requirements as easy as possible to do and maintain.” It actually takes more effort and brings a lot more instability and guesswork into the system when you veer off track and try to manipulate the plan.

Each and every UnFranchise owner is responsible for the system, their fellow business owners, and their customers.

Traditional franchise systems don’t set you up for long-term growth. They function off of continuously starting over, or benefiting off of others who put in all of the hard work. With Market America, each UnFranchise owner puts in the hard work the first time, and gain the rewards from doing so. Market America UnFranchise is designed so that you don’t have to continuously start over and duplicate. It functions instead so that you earn an income in two to three years after you have set up your business successfully. Unfranchise works because “It compounds volume and income without constant recruiting”, says JR Ridinger. Sustainability is breed from relying on your own efforts in the first few years and doing it the right way.

Team Market America Unfranchise

While you’ll need to build a team of fellow Market America Unfranchise owners to build your business’ longevity, earning is not dependent on it.

This is different from other systems that require you to recruit consistently to stay in the game. They rely on you selling a platform for others to sell. The other systems simply aren’t designed for actually selling products. So you get stuck in an endless loop of getting people on board without really getting sales. Your recruits stock up on products with no solid means to offer the products to consumers. This form of business activity is called inventory-loading, and according to JR Ridinger, “It is estimated and documented in some cases that as much as 50% of the volume is in inventory not sold or consumed.” Imagine spending all of your time getting people to come on board, while they have little to no infrastructure in place to successfully sell anything!

At Market America, your earnings are based on sales. This way, unlike endless recruiting, you have a concrete way to monetize your time and efforts. Adding UnFranchise owners to your team then just brings more sales for you to obtain more BV and IBV. Well, what happens if someone on your team just hires someone to do the work for them, or doesn’t pull their own weight? There are requirements in place so that everyone is doing their fair share of the work! See, the system works best when each UnFranchise owner is acting for the greater good of the group. Again, becoming a Market America UnFranchise owner isn’t about just continuously recruiting, like other systems are. Instead, the UnFranchise model engages accountability across the board. This way, money is earned when work is done. Other programs let some sit back and earn from other people’s hard work.

Market America relies on each UnFranchise owner being active and engaged.

MARKET America BusinessThe Market America UnFranchise system works. Time and again for the past 25 years, it’s proven to be a lucrative business opportunity that offers hard-working and rule-abiding people with a way to sell high-quality products. Market America is a fair system and it’s biased towards those who use it legally and according to the pre-proven tenets outlined in the plan. With Market America, you’ll feel good seeing the number on your bank statement. You’ll know it came from your hard work and the work of the tremendously talented individuals over the years who’ve helped tailor the plan for the good of the whole organization.

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  1. Market America continually proves the resilience of the system, unfranchise owners around the globe continue to embrace the opportunities of owning your own unfranchise business. I’m thankful for the team and people i’ve met while using the system.