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A Yearly Review of LifeWave in 2019

We Summarize and Review the 2019 Year of LifeWave

A lot can change quickly when it comes to the fastest-growing companies in the world – that’s the nature of the endeavor. It’s great for those involved with the company, since it means an increase in potential for both partners and consumers.

It can, however, be tough to keep up to date with a company that’s had a busy year. 2019 was just such a year for the wellness company LifeWave. In order to help our readers keep abreast of their offerings, events, and more, we’ve put together some reviews of how the company’s recent activity has played out.


Company Overview

For those not familiar with LifeWave, the company has been operating since 2004 as an innovative wellness brand with a focus on phototherapy technology. The hallmark of the company has been its phototherapy patches, which work through topical application that reflects certain wavelengths of light into the user’s body. This allows the patches to stimulate cellular processes that help contribute to positive wellness. We’ll review some of the newest additions in this product line below, but these patches have long been loved for their ability to increase energy, reduce pain, and improve people’s quality of sleep.

The patch technology is the brainchild of CEO and Founder David Schmidt. Schmidt created the company with the benefit of over 30 years of experience in business and development. A lifelong inventor, he currently holds over 100 patents and patents pending, 70 of which are in the field of regenerative technology. Past work by the entrepreneur has included the creation of a bladeless turbine generator, a combustion rocket, and a new process for creating oxygen and hydrogen. He has brought this passion to innovation with him to everything he does at LifeWave, which has been a major contributor to the success of the company’s offerings.


Introduction of X39

One of the big occurrences of 2019 for LifeWave was the introduction of its newest product – the X39 patch. This patch represents over 10 years of development and targets an entirely new area for the wellness brand – stem cells. These cells are important to human health and wellness because they work to regenerate damaged or aging cells that need to be replaced in our bodies. When properly functioning, stem cells create new copies of the cells that can function at optimal levels and contribute to overall wellness.

The problem is that stem cells deteriorate with age. As we stack up damage to our bodies, and as we age, our stem cells become less and less effective at producing new cells. This can have a negative effect on all sorts of processes in the body, such as wound healing or one’s sense of wellbeing. Studies have indicated that by the time many people reach their 70s, their stem cell activity has dropped to almost non-existent levels. This drop-in stem cell activity contributes to the loss in vitality that we associate with old age.


New product benefits

While it’s clear that stem cells play a key role in our sense of wellbeing, in the past it’s been less clear how to translate that knowledge into effective inventions. This year’s introduction of the X39 patch represents a huge leap forward for the field of wellness in this regard. A review of the benefits the patch has delivered in studies reveals a plethora of positive effects. These effects include the support of wound healing, promotion of a more youthful appearance, reduction in inflammation, and much more.

When LifeWave first released the patch to its distribution partners, the company gave them the opportunity to conduct a test run so that they would be better informed as to its benefits. While the patch had already performed well in clinical trials in the company’s lab, there’s no substitute for seeing how a product performs in real life. The patch’s use by distributors provided a great opportunity to show just how effective it could be. The results were even better than the company might have previously hoped, with the patch delivering benefits above what was seen during development and testing. This positive reception opened the door to the product performing extremely well in terms of sales over the rest of the year, with consumer experience mirroring that of the first test cases.


Sales model

LifeWave doesn’t just deliver positive wellness changes to consumers; it also acts as a positive force in the lives of those who partner with the company as distributors. Since the true power of the patches is difficult to discern from the packaging alone, the decision was made early on in the company’s existence to move away from a traditional retail model. Rather than have the patches on display in stores where consumers might not recognize their full potential, the company partners with individual distributors to help explain the technology via direct contact.

This sales model helps spread the word of the company’s offerings. Thanks to the model, LifeWave products are now available in over 100 countries worldwide. But in addition to the widespread distribution network, this method helps individuals partner with the company to create their own business that they can grow as they see fit. Distributors come from all walks of life and create operations that vary in size from one-person businesses to endeavors that stretch across multiple countries. The company takes pride in its ability to make a difference in the lives of distributors by offering them a means of taking their livelihood into their own hands.


Distributor gatherings

To help assist distributors in their goals to grow their own businesses and spread the word on company products, the company hosts periodic events to touch on a variety of topics relevant to the wellness brand. A review of this year’s event, which took place in Los Angeles, is indicative of just how formative the gatherings can be. Some of the highlights of the event were speeches by key people in the organization, such as the CEO himself, as well as scientists who presented their most recent findings from clinical studies.  Contact with these individuals provided a firsthand look at the commitment LifeWave has to research and development as well as the nature of company leadership. Networking opportunities with other distributors was also a draw for the event, which helped open the eyes of attendees to what can be accomplished through their own hard work.

The company also works to set up gatherings that are more focused on fun and relaxation rather than a strictly business environment. This year’s cruise to celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary was an opportunity for top distributors to bring their families on a weekend-long excursion that explored some of the more interesting sights in the Caribbean. The cruise ship itself sported numerous options for entertainment and dining and still provided plenty of opportunities for distributors to meet each other and trade their personal experiences and insights on how they run their businesses.


Charitable work

Another notable aspect of LifeWave that sets it apart from other companies in the field is its focus on giving back to those in need. Reviews of its 2019 efforts wouldn’t be complete without touching upon charitable work. The company has always had a particular focus on coming to the assistance of those who have served in the military. Past efforts to assist veterans have come through the donation of its patches to those who stand to benefit from the pain relief or improved quality of sleep these patches can bring.

LifeWave’s charitable efforts have been recognized by the Military Order of the Purple Heart, an organization that focuses on recognizing and aiding veterans who have been wounded while serving. The organization presented LifeWave’s founder with a special award in recognition of the company’s efforts to ameliorate the suffering of those who have given so much to their country.

Looking at a review of the year for LifeWave shows that the company has been busy. Points of focus have included organizing events, introducing new products, and helping support veterans and related efforts. In light of all that’s been going on, it is perhaps no surprise that the wellness brand has been singled out multiple times on lists of the world’s fastest-growing companies. Not only does this distinction show how focused the company is on providing quality services, but it also shows the potential for even more exciting news in the years to come.